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Welcome to Semanticle's distributed higher order logic inferencing store and framework for the Semantic Web (Web 3.0) implemented in Python and released as Open Source.

Semantic Stack reconfigured for inbuilt Logic, Rules and Visualisation Pipe based Delivery services



Semanticle is about developing ideas towards products which we believe and hope will increase the accessibility of Semantic Web technologies by making them easier and more productive to use.

For Developers

Our initial focus is developers, who face the greatest challenge of creating attractive and valuable applications built upon core Semantic Web technologies.

Streamlined Interfaces

Key to our objectives has been streamlining the interfaces to provide common semantics and syntax for the storage and querying of semantic data, rules and queries. Other features include enriched semantics, configuration management, logical inference and delivery services.

Logic and Inference

We also feel strongly that logic and inference are so fundamental to the successful exploitation of semantic data that these services should be foundational (rather than supplementary) to other Semantic Web technologies for data or schema definition and query.

For this reason our software implements a re-configured Semantic Stack Architecture serving as a framework founded on Higher Order Logic services. In addition we have added Content Delivery services based on the Visualization Pipe architecture.

Download or SVN Access

Software has been moved from SVN to Github here

Terms and Conditions

Our software is supplied as Python source libraries under the terms of an Open Source GPL V3.0.

This website including the Software Documentation and Support Forum is published under the terms of a Creative Commons License.

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